Business Pillars

Cellular Device Solutions

In the era of digital technology, it is impossible for many of us to have no access to the Internet. The importance of connectivity today has reshaped the way of our lives; the latest electronic gadgetry like tablet and smartphone become our constant companions and people of all ages are becoming tech-savvy. With Internet and the extensive availability of mobile devices, we are connected to everyone and everything, giving us an instant access to data and information.


Today, people are communicating in many different ways; some prefer calling while some prefer using data to surf the web, email and watch videos especially on mobile devices. Hence, it is vital for telco players to revolutionize in order to provide a more synchronized system to the customers. Looking ahead, Green Packet believes that the voice minutes and mobile network data traffic will continue to show a significant upward trend.

Financial Technology

Driven by technology, Internet and mobile revolution, society has become increasingly digital and connected. With the growing adoption level of digital technology, many business owners find ways to operate at optimum level while customers today are more open and receptive to the usage of mobile payment. As such, Green Packet believes in the rapid adoption of mobile payment in Malaysia which will fuel the fintech industry further.

Internet of Things

Technology today is pushing the world forward at exponential speed. According to National IoT Strategic Roadmap report by MIMOS, the opportunities in IoT field are enormous with a global economic value projection ranging from US$1.9 trillion to US$7.1 trillion by 2020. With that said, the IoT field in Malaysia is expected to experience an exponential growth where IoT technologies are able to connect us in many ways that we have not thought of especially in improving lives of many people and make a positive social impact.